Pastor Anne Reappointed!
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Good Morning.  Today is announcement Sunday and I know many of you have been anticipating the announcement of our Pastor for the next year.  I would like to start by sharing a few thoughts.

When the coming of the Messiah was anticipated no one expected to receive a baby born in a barn.  No one expected Him to be a homeless person trusting in God for all His needs and guidance. No one expected him to be a leader by telling stories in parable and by loving “obvious” sinners.  No one expected Him to love us so much he was willing to be crucified to fulfill God’s promise.  Should they have questioned God’s provision?

Sometimes when a church is anticipating a Pastor they don’t get what they were expecting either.  But when a Pastor is sent by God should they question God’s provision?

And what is expected of a Pastor?  Jesus was the Good Shepherd A Pastor is a shepherd too.

A Pastor is expected to watch over their flock, the congregation.  Their job isn’t just a 20-minute sermon on Sunday morning.

A Pastor is expected to inspire and lead by their actions. Do their actions show love for God, His word and His people? 

A Pastor is expected to care for, pray for and encourage their flock.   Are they there in their lives at times of difficulties and sorrow as well as joys? 

A Pastor is expected to set a good example for living a life of service.  Are they willing to work with their flock to serve the Lord? 

A Pastor is expected to teach and preach which often times is done through their actions as well as their words.  Basically their job is 24/7.  But a good Pastor accepts those hours and commits to them if they are truly called by God to serve Him.
God has provided us with a good Pastor, a loving, praying, hard working servant of His to lead us, love us and inspire us.

On behalf of the SPR committee I would like to announce that the Bishop and Cabinet have decided to reappoint Reverend Anne Godbold as Pastor of Mariner UMC.

Remember the little song.  The church is not a building, the church is not a steeple, the church is not a resting place the church is a people…….  I am the church You are the church We are the church together.  All who follow Jesus all around the world; yes we’re the church together. 

So my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, I ask you to remember we are all in this together.  The Pastor and ALL of us are the church.  Let us continue to be the loving, serving, worshiping church family that God wants us to be and welcome with love and cooperation for another year, our Pastor, Reverend Anne Godbold.  Keep her in your prayers, she has you in hers.